Qais Masih Trading Company



QMG Services

The QM group of companies was established to make the market suitable for every compatriot to have standard quality medicine, orthopedics equipment and goods. The QM group of companies to invests in different sectors and uses its validity and relationships to occupy a prominent position in the global market. We are a company that has a specific strategy for the next five years, and we will have a fruitful activity in the markets of central Asia and the markets of Europe and America.

We work together to achieve the goals of the company. We follow the below goals: We are committed that making a standard bazaar in Afghanistan for medicine and importing it from the best brand company in the world.We are determined to import the best equipment for orthopedic and other medical materials. That is not just for export, it has the best quality for our people from world brand company. We will target and achieve the above issues during this year .



Public Relationship

Public relations is the process by which businesses and organizations communicate with their customer base as well as the general public. These efforts build the validity of a company. that show and has an honest purpose. That, issue we have a strategic plan that stands by honest action and honest goals. The QM company has a public relationship expert, that works just on our relationship with the public. This section has a specific job description, it makes a cycle-to-an relationship. We mostly reflected in the public relationship truth. Our customer has the right to know about us. The PR has for our so highly value

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